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Natural way to cure bad eyesight that work.Pls help ppl...?

a lot of ppl say drink a lot of carrot just but a lot of ppl also say that just a myth.2 years ago my eyesight was 20/20 now it is not anymore i dont want to wear glasses so ppl pls help share ur secret i will give best answer.Pls dont recomed laser i am asking for a natural way...


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Eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) don't deal with the real issues ofblurry vision and are a waste of time. Sometimes people become aware of how they use their eyes while they are doing eye exercises and their vision changes a little.

The real issue of blurry vision is how we use our eyes. When people get blurry vision they have learned some incorrect vision habits that squeeze their eyes out of shape and give them blurry vision.

Because the most effective way to learn about Natural Eyesight Improvement is in a class under a good teacher and I make my living this way I don't get into the details of NEI outside of classes. A good way to start learning about the principles of natural perfect eyesight is to read the best book on natural eyesight improvement available onAmazon. I have a referral reward link to it on my website. The most effective way to improve vision naturally is to find an NEI teacher near you. I have a link to many of them on my website and can interview them for you to make sure they are teaching the correct principles of NEI and not eye exercises or eye nutrition multilevels only.


I am a Certified Natural Eyesight Improvement Instructor. I have been researching NEI for 18 years and have been teaching classes for 5 years. I have many students who are improving their eyesight and several who have obtained perfect vision and are no longer dependant upon artificial corrections. I have trained under Tom Q. - of the Natural Vision Center and am well versed in the writtings of Dr. William H. Bates.
Do a few exercises like :-
1) Put your thumb up and keep it at about six inches from your nose. Keep you eyes on a particular part of the thumb and move it horizontally, vertically, diagonally, round and round, spirally and all types of complicated patterns. Also write imaginary positive lines in the air like " My eye power is reducing." or " My eyes are getting strengthened and I will not be needing to use spectacles/ contact lenses to see clearly." And I also know that your arm will start paining in a few minutes so use your other arm. Fix a particular time for your exercises. Don't watch T.V too closesly. At the end of the day try to dip a piece of cotton in rose water and keep it on your eyes for the night. Also try to eat a lot of carrots. Half a carrot a day would do. Or you can even drink carrot juice. And the most main thing, don't believe what other people say like " You can't reduce your eye power by doing eye exercises." Always be positive. My eye power has reduced after doing these exercises regularly for a month. Best of luck in reducing your eye power.
Exercises are fine to do if you want move your eye muscles around a lot. That won't help with your visual acuity at all, though. Vitamin A will help you see night and if you happen to have a vitamin A deficiency for some reason.

Eyesight is determined by the size and shape of your eye, and no food, vitamin, or exercise is going to change those. A healthy diet will help keep your eyes healthy but won't change the shape of your cornea or the length of your eyeball.


optometry school
. sit straight in comfortable position,
2. keep your hand straight facing towards ur face,(one hand)
3. make ur thumbs up
4. concentrate on the thumb,
5. by concentrating move ur hand in eight direction i.e. move towards right till u can see ur thumb nail,again to left,come back to normal again up and again down, and right top to left down, again left top to right down, like this eight direction by concentrating on the thumb nail.

after this close ur eyes and move ur eye balls same on those eight directions. do this continuously everyday in morning and see the result.


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